The NEXT Paradigm

Five years after the publishing of his seminal Stanley font family, Ludovic Balland’s new project is a ground-breaking design that confronts two typographic archetypes: constructivism and humanism. Designed at the intersection of this historical antagonism, NEXT challenges the genres and offers a visionary aesthetic.


NEXT was initiated in 2007 for the visual communication of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, inspired by the typeface designed by Marek Sigmund for the Ministry of Transportation in Poland. For ten years, Ludovic Balland continuously pursued his research and tested it through numerous editorial projects, most recently the retrospective Michel Parmentier and the Documenta 14 readers.

The mix of a geometrical architecture with calligraphic strokes results in a multifunctional tool for screen and paper. At smaller sizes, the open counters offer an increased reading comfort, while this disruptive feature becomes very graphic and powerful at display sizes.


The NEXT family was conceived as an innovative program structured by applications. For each weight, NEXT is delivered as 2 separate fonts: Book and Poster, for a regular and a condensed width. The family is available in a range of 5 weights and their matching italics, with 2 additional monospace styles, for a total of 22 styles. Finally, NEXT Pan offers an extended character set which supports languages that use the Latin, Cyrillic or Greek alphabets.

Font engineering by Alphabet Type
Greek consultant Gerry Leonidas
Cyrillic consultant Alexei Vanyashin