Go Baroque!

Genath is a free interpretation of a baroque type based on a 1720 specimen likely showing Johann Wilhelm Haas first design for the Genath Foundry in Basle, Switzerland. Soon renamed Haas’sche Schriftgiesserei, the very same foundry will produce two centuries later a better known typeface…

Like JM Fleischmann, JW Haas (1698-1764) was trained in Nürnberg, probably by Johann and Pankraz Lobinger. Both Fleischmann and Haas epitomize a consistent typographic style, specific to Northern Europe. Spreading from Prague to, some extend, London.

Truely ‘baroque’, slightly condensed, highly contrasted, with playful, fancy details, Genath excels from headlines to footnotes. It is available in four weights from display to bold with their matching italics and a complete set of OpenType features including small caps, inferior and superiors.

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