Stanley – Poster
Many institutions, including the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, are rethinking their period rooms. The city?s Contemporary Arts Center is devoting all three floors of its galleries to the show, ?Adam Pendleton: Becoming Imperceptible.? With more than 250 works by 63 designers from around the world, ?Beauty? is a mixed, visually cacophonous bag. Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun made the rich look beautiful, before and after the French Revolution. Now she has a show of her own at the Met. With her cerebral and charmingly lo-fi installations and videos, Heather Phillipson is leading the way toward a new emotional expressiveness in contemporary art. This woozily perplexing exhibition gives New York its first-time full exposure to one of Europe?s most influential 20th-century poet-artists. ?This Place,? at the Brooklyn Museum, examines the ?radical otherness? of a tortured and complex land. ?The Game Worlds of Jason Rohrer,? in Boston, is the first major museum retrospective dedicated to a game designer?s work. Mr. Storr will depart after a decade, to be succeeded by Marta Kuzma, currently the vice chancellor and rector of Stockholm?s Royal Institute of Art.