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Now that internet providers will not have to get permission to collect and sell customers' online information, how will that affect privacy online' The bank found that limiting its advertising to preapproved hosts, to avoid proximity to fake news or offensive videos, did not hurt its visibility. The Times's tech columnist, Farhad Manjoo, grapples with technology's shortcomings yet embraces it to an extreme degree at home. A growing number of start-ups offer apps and gadgets to help you walk your dog or feed your cat, but most aren't worth the money. Automated accounts are all over the Twitterverse, and you can often tell when the software robots are following you. Scores of scientists and technology experts have left the White House, and conservatives ' and the president ' have questioned whether they need to be replaced. A team has invented a mix of wearables, objects and apps ' including a brush that can give you details about the state of your hair. Newly signed to Nickelodeon, JoJo Siwa is leading an international online movement of kind behavior and demure dress. But not everyone approves. Google has released the next version of its mobile operating system to app developers, but regular users will get the software further down the line. Farhad Manjoo, a technology columnist at The New York Times, is experimenting with setting up his home to resemble the set of a reality television show.