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AT&T's $85 billion deal for Time Warner is a ploy to do something ' anything ' in the face of a rapidly changing media landscape. As a multimillion-dollar donor to lawmakers, with a huge roster of lobbyists, the communications giant is ready to pursue its $85 billion bid for Time Warner. A look at where the AT&T deal leaves other prominent media companies and what some think they might attempt to do in response. The secrecy surrounding the $85.4 billion merger was viewed as essential for a deal sure to raise concerns among lawmakers and consumer advocacy groups. The United States has put artificial intelligence at the center of its defense strategy, with weapons that can identify targets and make decisions. A look at the movies and novels that inform discussions of real-life artificial intelligence and weapons. Otto, the Uber-owned self-driving vehicle operation, delivered 2,000 cases of Budweiser 120 miles to Colorado Springs from Fort Collins, Colo. The planned merger between AT&T and Time Warner would bring together a giant networking business and a giant content-making business. New settings in the popular photo-sharing service allow you to filter out profanity and other offensive language from comments on your own photos. His administration embraced some of the tech industry's best ideas ' but also some of its worst values.