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Mr. Cortor was perhaps best known for elegant paintings of nude black women in an era when they were rare in mainstream art. Estimates for the capacity of the old shelves at the library have ranged widely, and critics are skeptical of a new 2.5 million figure. The Philippines government is launching a crowd-sourcing website to try to find some 200 prized pieces of art believed to have been owned by Imelda R. Marcos A user?s guide to art, indoors and outdoors, in New York during the holiday season. Architecture and whimsy combine in the artist?s manmade and natural landscapes. A number of galleries are showcasing works by women at the annual art fair. The photography exhibition ?ADSVMVS ABSVMVS? is a mordantly wacky, show-and-tell stand-up routine on mortality. The nine paintings here, Ms. Hollowell?s first solo exhibition, steps into the historical lineage of painters like Georgia O?Keeffe and Judy Chicago. Ms. Hicks?s creations range from 10 inches square to constructions that venture into sculpture and almost environmental dimensions.