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Verizon has long been considered a front-runner to buy Yahoo's core internet businesses. An announcement could come as early as next week. If the Silicon Valley tycoon shares anything with Donald Trump, it is a disappointment with small politics ' and small people. A speech by the billionaire co-founder of PayPal at the Republican convention could spoil a delicate but growing relationship between tech and the G.O.P. With a charged cellphone in hand, a reporter joins San Francisco's first large planned Pokémon Go event. The computerized gadgets, which measure the energy a rider's legs are producing in watts, are helpful in training, but on race day, instincts take over. Also: Twitter's banning of a misogynistic troll and how Mike looked beyond his beard to cover the $1 billion Dollar Shave Club sale. As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton struggled to fax, send emails from a computer or find Showtime on her television. Welcome to my world. Alphabet's X research lab is still being asked to imagine the impossible. Only now, under pressure from investors, it has to imagine making money, too. After a fatal crash involving a Tesla Model S, the idea of establishing a federally supervised site to ensure safety is catching on. A dress made from Legos and another made from recycled trash inspired by 'Wall-E' were just some of the designs modeled on the Her Universe runway.